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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:27 pm

Tug Of War Between TDP-YCP @ Rajya Sabha

Focus has been gradually shifting to the Election for three Rajya Sabha Seats in Andhra Pradesh. Notification for the vacancies will be issued by Feb end and election would happen in March this year.

Though TDP could win only two seats as per its strength, Ruling Party is aiming to bag ball the three of them. As of now, TDP and YCP have 131 and 44 MLAs respectively.

There is tremendous competition for Two Rajya Sabha seats TDP gonna bag for sure. Koneru Suresh, Jupudi Prabhakar and Prathibha Bharathi are in race. Even the names of Finance Minister Yanamala, Former MP Kambhampati Rammohan Rao, TDP State Chief Secretary Varla Ramaiah and Kondareddy Ravindra Reddy were under consideration. Chances of sending CM Ramesh to Rajya Sabha for the second term look bleak for now.

YCP announced Prabhakar Reddy as its Rajya Sabha Candidate. So, TDP Leadership might nominate a Reddy for one of the three Rajya Sabha seats. Kondareddy Ravindra Reddy who was instrumental in luring YCP MLAs into TDP is the frontrunner.

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