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Telangana unveils new liquor policy

Hyderabad: The new Prohibition and Excise Policy announced by the State government comes up with concepts of campaign to spread awareness on ill-effects of drinking and steps for de-addiction of alcohol addicts apart from surveillance cameras on the licenced premises.

The new policy for the year 2017-19 which comes into force from October 1 retains the present level of 2216 retail shops. In respect of location of liquor sale points on the National and State highways, the guidelines given by the Supreme Court dated December 15, 2016 and subsequent order dated March 31, 2017, besides clarifications issued in Special Leave Petition dated July 11, 2017 shall be strictly adhered to, said Principal Secretary Somesh Kumar in the G.O. Ms. No. 200 issued here on Tuesday.

The undisposed 72 shops for the years 2015-17 may be reallocated to other places as per the local requirement. The Telangana State Beverages Corporation Limited/agency outlets will be established in places where shops remain undisposed.

All the retail shops shall install at least two surveillance cameras on the licensed premises with linkage facility to the control room of the Prohibition and Excise Department as prescribed from time to time, said Kumar.

According to him, the shops across the State shall be equipped with the required machinery for reading Holographic Excise Adhesive Labels (HEAL). The provisions contained in Telangana Excise (Grant of License of Selling by Shop and Conditions of License) Rules 2012 as amended from time to time shall govern the process of allotment and consequent operation of A4 shops (retail outlets) by the licensees.

The policy also comes up with a provision on creating public awareness and educating people on the ill effects of drinking. The order calls for steps to be taken for de-addiction of alcohol addicts.

The department must complete the process within a week as previous policy would expire by this month end. The issue of license of selling liquor may be granted through draw of lots on the basis of fixed shop excise tax, based on population as per 2011 census in municipal corporation, municipalities, nagar panchayat, town or village for two years from 2017-2019.

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