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Monday 22 October, 2018, 12:20 am

Support to win an independent candidate in Election: Actor Vishal

CHENNAI: Actor Vishal has announced that he will support an independent candidate in the election following the rejection of his nomination in Arkenagar. Vishal's protest was first announced by the Election Commissioner, who announced the nomination of actor Vishal to contest the by-election in RKnagar constituency. The officials who spoke to him had announced the nomination. Dramatic developments came to the fore of the night. Finally, he was officially declaring his nomination rejection. Speaking to reporters in Chennai on Wednesday, he said, "I have a video evidence on the fact that the election officer has received his nomination. He said all the applause of his statement was made by the bitter sounds. The twists had to face every minute of the scenes in the film. This is the same for those who want to do good to the people Should not an independent candidate compete in a democratic country? Criticized. Earlier, the sub-election in Arkenagar was canceled due to the distribution of cash to the voters, saying that the situation was further deteriorated at the time of threats.

The twists had twisted the twists and the situation was not confusing, and it was not understood that the denial of his nomination for anything. Why are you scared of him? I do not know who is behind the Election Commission. In reply to a question, media representatives asked him whether he was behind Madhusudan's rejection of his nomination. Vishal announced that he will give his support to a young man who is an independent candidate and that he will do good to him. Even though it was rejected earlier, Vishal's arguments had been accepted by the authorities who had claimed that they had given the explanation for why they refused. The rejection is that the electoral authorities have created confusion, saying that there is pressure on the EC. This affair suggests that people will lose confidence in the electoral community and that the electoral process is the concept of intellectual activity in the public. It is a threat to democracy. He demanded an inquiry into the matter. Similarly, CPI Secretary of State Mutharasan said that if elections were held in Rknagar, nobody could prevent the DMK victory, but can the Election Commission maintain this election in the present situation? The suspicion is that. Vishal said that the issue was a big confusion in the affair, who was forced to surrender and deny his nomination. People are losing faith in the Election Commission and warned that if the situation persists, the opposition will face the opposition. He said he would campaign in RKNagar within a day or two to support the DMK candidate. Emphasizing that the army will continue to oppose the separatist forces.

Communist group of denial of nomination

Communist leaders have fired over the issue of denial of actor Vishal's nomination. In a statement issued by CPM state secretary G.Ramakrishnan, actor Vishal's nomination was rejected for contesting in the Arkenagar by-election.

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