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Monday 22 October, 2018, 12:22 am

Roja feels like Home Minister's: Attraction

kurnool: Now the Nagari MLA is the way of Roja and the words. If the party comes to power, Roja should become the Home Minister. It is said that the state will do without the issue of peace and security. The original elections did not happen. That party did not come to power. But dreaming. Have dreams. Recalling former Indian President Abdul Kalam's words, That is why he feels like the Home Minister in Roja Dreams. But the same thing to the party leaders.

Talking about the issue of BSc Excise, Chevireddy forests and women's baby welfare departments is going on. It is not known whether they are seeing or seating them. In 2014, we are dreaming. But it's not true. This time going in the same vein. People do not get bigger with the Jagan Mahasangpa tour. This is due to the lack of opposition to the ruling party. People in the past have been with them at a time when Chandrababu and YS are on their feet. But this is not the case. Whether Jagan has taken away from the people or the Jagan community is going to go away without discussion.

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