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Rajamouli has given the idea to CM Chandrababu

Amaravati: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is committed to construct the Navnandhra capital in Nabhudhi Nabhavishti. As part of this, they are negotiating with world-famous construction companies. Also, the change and reconciliation that has already been observed in many buildings. In this background, the famous director SS Rajamouli also asked for some suggestions. Rajamouli was also sent to London along with government officials to inspect the building blocks.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh will build an Assembly building with advanced facilities. Rajamouli presented his proposal for the creation of a Telugu statue in Central Hall. Rajamouli shared this video as Twitter platform. "This is one of the ideas I proposed. Thank you to the Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Thank you for the opportunity to find new opportunities. This is the point that the CM has accepted, "he tweeted.

This video began with the mention of Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple. It is said that the sunlight rays in the shrine two times a year at the temple of Swami. In the same way, 2 thousand years have been known as the Lord Krishna Paramuram temple and the sun rays in Madri Mandir in Puducherry. Surya rays on the building of the assembly building in the capital of Navodhya Capital were exactly 9.15. In the video, the Assembly speaks of Tithalathalli statue in the central hall. Surya rays touched on Mother Teresa's song 'Maa Talaithalli' song and visualization all in the video. Rajamouli has expressed his views on the model of various buildings in Amravati to the AP government.

Prominent architect Norman Foster designs for the buildings in the capital of Amravati Mr. Chandrababu Foster suggested representatives to make these designs internationally. Governance in the capital was also discussed with Foster representatives on city planning and architecture. Some of the designs were approved and he said changes to some other designs. In this context, 'Bahubali' director Rajamouli advised Chandrababu officials to take advice

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