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Hyderabad Girl Murder: What Happened That Night?

The impact of Television, films and social media on Youth is too huge. How an individual conceives the vast content on offering depends on oneself. Some youngsters use it for doing good to the society by making great inventions and some youth develop criminal thoughts and spread panic and grief in society.

In a shocking revelation, there is a significant impact of a 'Crime Serial' on the accused who killed his girlfriend Chandini Jain, the Hyderabad teen, whose dead body was found on the city outskirts a few days ago.

In the police investigation, the accused has reportedly confessed that he conceived the idea of killing his girlfriend from his favorite Crime Serial, 'Narcos', an internationally popular web series based on the life of the most notorious Mexican gangster, Pablo Escobar.

He added that he didn't need any weapon, and killed Chandini with his bare hands as he had watched many such murders in the serial. He even said that he had watched the latest episode of the serial when he went home on last Saturday night after murdering Chandini, how cruel, criminal and fearless his mind has become!!

The baffling part of the story is, he is just 17-year-old (officially), a minor, so police were scared when he narrated the calmness he had exhibited while and after committing a murder!! Since he is a minor, he will be tried under the juvenile justice act.

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