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Death of two Kannada actors: Uday’s body fished out, Anil yet to be found

Three days after two Kannada actors drowned in the Thippagondanahalli lake while filming the Mastigudi climax scene, search team has fished out the body of one of the victims, Raghava Uday. However, Anil’s body is yet to be found.

According to reports, Uday’s body was found floating in water in the reservoir. His body was found very close to the location where he drowned. The huge amount of silt underneath the lake had made the search operation difficult.

Talking to media, Mastigudi lead actor Duniya Vijay confirmed that the body is that of Uday. Vijay had jumped into the dam along with Uday and Anil from a chopper on Monday during the risky stunt sequence. However, he managed to swim to safety, while the other two drowned.

According to TV reports, Uday’s postmortem will be carried out on the spot at Thippagondanahalli lake and the body will be handed over to the family. The last rites of Uday will be held on Wednesday itself.

Search team, involving officials of police, fire brigade officials and NDRF, has been carrying out the operations in the reservoir for days now. About 24 scuba drivers were also pressed into the operation.

Meanwhile, police have taken director Nagashekar and producer Sundar Gowda into the custody even as the whereabouts of stunt director Ravi Varma remain unknown. The three have been booked on the charges of culpable homicide under Section 304 of the IPC.

The tragic incident took place at Thippagondanahalli lake, 35 kms west of Bengaluru, while shooting a chopper scene for Mastigudi. The stunt wanted the actors to jump off the chopper into the lake, which was carried in violation of the guidelines laid down by the BWSSB. The sequence was shot without any safety precautions in place to deal with the uncertain outcome, resulting in the death of the two young actors.

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