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Corrupt Nellore Excise Officials exposed

Nellore district Excise officials, who are earning whopping sums by threatening and blackmailing liquor shop owners. In a expose, it is revealed that Excise officials were shameless visiting the homes of liquor shop owners and taking huge bribes from them. The Excise police are also involved and no case are being booked. Shop owners deplored that they are forced to sell liquor at more than the MRP and pay bribes to all kinds of people to keep their shop running. They were being threatened by the Excise staff, when they did not listen to them.


Telugu Politics

Modi fitness Challenge,Deve Gowda,Kumaraswamy

కొడుక్కి కాదు.. తండ్రికి సవాలు విసరగలవా మోడీ?

ప్రధానమంత్రి కుర్చీలో కూర్చున్న వారు ఇలాంటి పనులు కూడా చేస్తారా? అన్నట్ల...