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CM KCR sets fresh deadlines Mission Bhagiratha

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Saturday set fresh deadlines for the completion of Mission Bhagiratha  aimed at giving piped drinking water to every household in the state. Reviewing the progress of works on the massive project at Pragati Bhavan, he wanted the officials and the implementing agencies to carry out the works in two parts. First part of the programme should be completed by all means by December 31 and part 2 within another six months thereafter.

KCR also asked them to plan well in advance to attend promptly issues such as pipeline leakages, system breakdowns and problems with valves that are bound to arise  when  was  released with pressure into the newly laid pipeline network.

Stating the programme would be unique in both its objective as well as implementation. No other programme under implementation in the country was aimed at reaching out to the masses with access to drinking water on a large scale covering 25000 habitations.

The Chief Minister wanted all the 25,000 habitations targeted for coverage in the first part should get purified river water to meet drinking water needs as a New Year’s gift. The next few months should be devoted for effective operation in the supply system.

Under Part 2 all the internal works should be attended  to  for fixing taps in each and every household. Part  2 works are to be completed in the first half of 2018. The Chief Minister said “there would problems too while supplying water through internal pipeline and through individual taps and they also should be attended then and there”.

There is no need  to get scared initial leakages from the pipelines and problems with valves. He recalled that when this programme was implemented in Gajwel, such problems persisted for a couple of months, but at the end people were benefited by the initiative in a big way.

This is the reason why several states as well as the Niti Aayog have been highly  appreciative of Mission Bhagiratha. Many states have studied the programme to implement them in the respective states.

Chief Minister KCR examined works progress on the Mission Bhagiratha structures  at diferent locations in the state  with the help of Google Maps. He reviewed the progress made in the construction of Intake wells, water treatment Plants, OHBRs, laying of the pipelines, electric motor works both district-wise and segment-wise.

In this context, the officials have informed the Chief Minister that drinking water supply was being made to 3,431 villages of the targeted 24,225 habitations under the programme, another 5, 443 villages  would be  covered by October end. Another 6006 villages would be given water by ends of November. Remaining 9345 villages will be provided with drinking water by the end of  December. They said in addition to completion of pipelines works, motors are also been installed on a fast track.

Chief Minister KCR has congratulated the electricity department staff for making arrangments to ensure required power supply to the Mission Bhagiratha programme. TS Genco, Transco CMD  D Prabhakar Rao has informed the CM that all the works on Mission Bhagiratha would be completed by October 2. The CM has congratulated the Genco CMD over phone as they have completed the works two months in advance though the target set for them is Dec 31.

Prabhakar Rao said that at an estimated cost of Rs 300 Crore, works such as construction of the Sub Stations, arranging the power cables, installing the Transformers were done. For  supplying 221 MW uninterrupted power to Mission Bhagiratha, in all 42 Sub stations, 1190 KM pipeline, 87 Power transformers were put in place.

Top priority of Munugode, Devarakonda

The CM wanted the drinking water supply to be given on top priority to the fluoride  affected Munugode and Devarakonda constituencies in Nalgonda district.  In these two constituencies, the Chief Minister  insisted on completion of works by October end  in the two constituencies.

He also wanted equal priority to be given to  tribal Thandas, Dali Wadas and Gond Gudems  in providing tapped  drinking water.

Deputy CM’s team to visit Palair

CM KCR expressed his dissatisfaction over the delay in works caused in Palair Segment. He said drinking water should be supplied through Palair to 1706 habitations in Mahabubabad, Dornakal and Narasampet Assembly constituencies in the old Warangal district.

He  pointed out that the progress of works in the area was not as desired.

He wanted a team led by Deputy CM Kadiam Srihari and Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman  Vemula Prashanth Reddy to visit Palair and have review with the officers and working agencies.

Water to Industry through Mission Bhagiratha

The CM has instructed the officials concerned to supply purified water under Mission Bhagiratha to the Industrial  sector too. Applications should be invited from the needy  industrial units for  provision of drinking water.

Of the  80 TMC of water allocated for Mission Bhagiratha, there is a provision to supply 10 percent (8 TMC) of water to the industries. For the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, water can be supplied to met their drinking water  needs from 10 TMC dedicated reservoirs in construction.

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