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Actual facts behind death of Two Kannada Actors!

It is known that Two Kannada Actors got downed while filming an action sequence for the movie 'Maasti Gudi'. This raised the doubt whether adequate security measures were taken before canning the sequence costing Rs 1.2 crore.

Actually, Makers have taken few safety measures but things didn't go as per the plan. As part of the scene, Hero Duniya Vijay was supposed to chase the two villains (Anil Kumarand, Uday Venkatesh) who jump from the helicopter. While Duniya Vijay wore a life jacket, The two villains couldn't use a life jacket as they have to shoot the scene with bare body. At the three of them jumped from the chopper, The water flow is heavy in the reservoir and this led to tragedy. After swimming for 50 metres, The two actors got drowned. Duniya Vijay who was wearing a life jacket was rescued by a local.

Actually, A motorboat was stationed on the banks to use after the actors jump into the water. However, It developed a last-minute snag and remained useless when it mattered the most.

Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board alleges 'Maasti Gudi' Team has violated the norms. Actually, Unit Members weren't supposed to enter prohibited area and take aerial shots.

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